Dr. Jenni M. Buckley

Jenni M. Buckley is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Delaware (UD). Dr. Buckley has a BS in Mechanical Engineering (2001) from University of Delaware, and an MS (2004) and PhD (2006) in Mechanical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley. She has over 10 years of engineering experience in medical device design and biomechanical evaluation and has research interests in human factors design, medical device development, and equity and inclusion issues in engineering education. Dr. Buckley serves as the Director for the Working Group on Undergraduate Diversity at UD College of Engineering as well as the Co-Director of The Design Studio, a thriving undergraduate student maker space. She is also the Co-Founder and President of The Perry Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to diversifying the pipeline in engineering and medicine through hands-on learning. Dr. Buckley has received numerous awards for her teaching and service, including the 2016 University Excellence in Teaching Award and the 2016 Arthur A. Trabant Award for Women’s Equity.

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Engineering (verb) Diversity: Using the Engineering Design Process as a Framework for a College-Wide Strategic Plan for Diversity

Latham Ballroom F

The under-representation of women and students of color in the undergraduate engineering population is a persistent and complex issue. The numerous “leaks” in the talent pipeline, along with the multifarious causes of under-representation1-4, lead many institutions, including our own, to take a scattershot approach to recruiting and retaining diverse students in the undergraduate engineering population […]

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