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Why I Stayed in Engineering: The Power of Student Stories

Latham Ballroom DE

Average 6-year graduation rates for engineering students at our large, public engineering institution are 64%. 6-year graduation rates for underrepresented minority students and first-generation students are 44% and 53% respectively, well below our college average. Many programs currently exist with the goal of improving student persistence and retention. In order to “crack the retention code”, […]

Student Success

Leveraging Partnerships to Foster Successful Outcomes for Students

Latham Ballroom F

The CU Boulder CEAS has experienced remarkable growth in the representation of underrepresented students in recent years.  Once hosting independent gender and ethnic/racial diversity program, the College moved to a unified diversity and inclusion approach in establishing the Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) Center.  The resulting BOLD Center applied revised strategies leveraging past […]

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