Using Multi-Year Funding Offers to Encourage Diversity and Inclusion Among Engineering Graduate Students

Latham Ballroom F

This session will discuss the graduate recruitment process that was implemented in the College of Engineering that uses multi-year funding offers coupled with social and academic support initiatives to encourage enrollment and graduate degree attainment among underrepresented students (e.g., females of all races, Black, Hispanic, Native American, and two or more races inclusive of at least one from the aforementioned racial/ethnic groups). Identified as the New Horizon Graduate Scholars program,, this initiative in the College of Engineering is designed to highlight the contribution that diversity brings to the research environment. Over the past four years the college has worked with the Graduate School and individual departments to bring in 80 underrepresented students. The presentation will share how multi-year offers are constructed with other units on campus, success in recruiting highly sought after prospective graduate students, how programming is designed to encourage student retention once enrolled at Virginia Tech, and how the program has been leveraged to facilitate inclusive practices at the department level.

Graduate School