Successfully Increasing the Participation of Underrepresented Students in STEM Outreach Programs

Latham Ballroom DE

Increasing participation of underrepresented (low socioeconomic status and African American, Native American or Hispanic) students in the STEM pipeline is necessary for diverse ideas and future innovations. Currently, many organizations do not consider the responsibilities that hinder students from low socioeconomic communities from being involved during out of school-time activities. Also, organizations do not address the different needs of the different populations (ethnicity / race) groups. Addressing these concerns can increase the successful participation of underrepresented students in summer programs. This session will review the recruiting success of the 2016 Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) summer camps for high school students. These camps had over 80% underrepresented minority participation. We will also identify methods TACC used to increase our participation of students from Title 1 schools.