Student Organizations to the Rescue: Recruit Smarter Not Harder

Latham Ballroom DE

This session will describe how a Minority Engineering Program leverages student organizations (National Society of Black Engineers and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) to recruit engineering undergraduate students and strengthen currently enrolled students attitude towards engineering. The “Diversity Preview Day”, a one-day hands-on interactive event for students and parents designed to increase the yield of admitted students to engineering.  The Diversity Preview Day has been in place for three years and has had, measurable benefits in the recruitment of students to OSU engineering programs. However with closer examination it appears the program has had a very positive impact on the student organization members that serve as ambassadors of the program.  

Although the Diversity Preview Day is designed to recruit diverse undergraduates to the engineering program, survey results show that diverse student ambassadors from both NSBE and SHPE exhibit a similar positive impact on student goals, attitudes, leadership skill and self-efficacy.

Learning outcomes/objectives:

  1. Session attendees will understand national and local enrollment trends for minority engineering students
  2. Session attendees will be able to identify elements of best recruitment practices for minority students and explore strategies for incorporating student organizations
  3. Session attendees will explore the positive impact serving as an ambassador can have on currently enrolled students