Navigating Academia: Strategies for Women & Minority Faculty in STEM

Latham Ballroom DE

The future of higher education continues to be challenged by several internal and external factors that will determine its true educational value, impact on quality of life, and digital tools  for learning.These elements will be transformed by the issues of accountability, fiscal sustainability, learning methodologies, student readiness, and academic leadership. We believe the key to making these transformations effective will rely on the academic development of faculty and administrators adhering to the mission of their respective institutions, and committed to the student success.This is even more pronounced with women and underrepresented (minority) faculty  in higher  education, and further in the STEM  (science, technology,  engineering, mathematics) disciplines.The objective of this presentation is to provide a snapshot of the academic landscape of minority and women faculty in STEM higher education, and provide some key strategies for navigating the career pathway with respect  to success models for obtaining tenure, managing institutional cultures, the value of mentoring, and managing professional networks.

Student Success