Leveraging Partnerships to Foster Successful Outcomes for Students

Latham Ballroom F

The CU Boulder CEAS has experienced remarkable growth in the representation of underrepresented students in recent years.  Once hosting independent gender and ethnic/racial diversity program, the College moved to a unified diversity and inclusion approach in establishing the Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) Center.  The resulting BOLD Center applied revised strategies leveraging past practices and new partnerships, including the establishment of a novel next-tier recruitment and retention program.   Discussions and training sessions with admissions colleagues led to clarified understanding of diversity goals.  Faculty engagement with the BOLD Center focused on increasing participation of diverse undergraduates in meaningful research experiences.  A key partnership focus led to increased engagement with industry partners for financial and professional support.  The BOLD Center evaluates each initiative and partnership to provide an understanding of program effectiveness that guides the continuation of current or development of future activities.  This workshop will enable participants to examine their initiatives and identify potential options that can move their programs forward.

The presenters will describe the range of partnerships and associated activities to improve the academic and professional experiences of students.  Modules to describe the following partnerships and activities will give participants experience and knowledge about possible additions to their own programs, including:

  • Forming and leveraging an industry advisory council to hone student programming, build scholarship funds and increase internship opportunities
  • Industry speakers and networking sessions to build student professional skills
  • Partnering with campus admissions to build processes that boost the number of applications
  • Working with college faculty leaders to expand access initiatives, especially the creation of a novel next-tier program, and retention activities, including a college-wide drop-in tutoring program
  • Research experiences to boost student awareness and increase interest in graduate school
  • Evaluating and assessing the value of current and potential initiatives (i.e., how to say “no” or when to say “yes”). What are potential roadblocks and how can you navigate around them?

Attendees will learn how the BOLD Center has transformed the student population through the confluence of student-focused initiatives that rely on effective partnerships across the campus and college and through the development of meaningful industry relationships.  

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