Developing an SSTEM Proposal for NSF

The Scholarships in STEM (SSTEM) from the National Science Foundation provides both scholarships for students and administrative funds for student support programs. With amounts from $600K to $1 mil to $5 mil, and with 40% of the requested funds available for use to support student programs, this is a wonderful opportunity for MEP Directors. There will be preparatory work (not much), lots of discussion and a working session to help you develop your own SSTEM proposal.

The intent is that you will leave this session with an extended outline for your SSTEM proposal.

Please fill out this pre-conference worksheet worksheet to prepare (see message below for additional details)

Bev Watford is a former NSF program manager who worked with the SSTEM program from 2005-07 – she has reviewed hundreds of submitted proposals.

Saundra Johnson Austin is an experienced grant writer who has worked in both academia and non-profit organizations.


Special message to attendees:

NAMEPA Attendees,

S-STEM or Scholarships in STEM is a National Science Foundation program that provides funding for STEM undergraduate and graduate student scholarships.  You can receive anywhere from $600K to $5 million dollars, of which 60% must be used for scholarships. The remaining 40% can be used for student support programs and other costs associated with your MEP office. Our workshop will help you formulate a proposal for the next due date in April 2017.  To ensure the most productive outcome for our workshop, we have developed the accompanying pre-conference worksheet to help you get started.  The more complete your responses to this worksheet, the more productive our session will be for you.

See you in West Lafayette!

Saundra Austin Johnson and Bev Watford