September 5, 2016

Non-Profit Organization Membership Benefits

Non-Profit Organization Membership ($2,500)

Non-Profit Organization Members are allotted a cluster of 3 individual memberships to be distributed to individuals associated with the company, with all rights and privileges associated with Individual Membership

Non-Profit Organization Members also receive the following:

  1. Access to NAMEPA National Conferences at discounted rates
  2. Access to a vast network MEP directors, higher education faculty and administrators, and other underrepresented minority (URM) advocates in academic institutions that allows you to expand partnership to increase diversity at NAMEPA institutions and your company
  3. Access to high performing underrepresented minority engineering and STEM talent
  4. Opportunities for active support and community development through programs targeting pre-college students, parents, and educators
  5. Platforms for dissemination of best practices in diversity
  6. Branding opportunities
  7. National and Institution specific data around enrollment and degrees awarded to underrepresented minority students