NAMEPA Hot Topics Blog Launches

Ruth A. Streveler is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Dr. Streveler is working with the NAMEPA leadership to bring research of interest to the NAMEPA community.

Her primary research interests have been investigating students’ understanding of difficult concepts in engineering science, and helping engineering faculty conduct rigorous research in engineering education. She has a passion for neuroscience and is intrigued by the applications of neuroscience research for engineering education. To date, Ruth has been the Principle Investigator or co-Principle Investigator of ten grants funded by the US National Science Foundation. She has published articles in the Journal of Engineering Education and the International Journal of Engineering Education and has contributed chapters to the Cambridge Handbook of Engineering Education Research. She has presented workshops to over 500 engineering faculty and practicing engineers on four continents and has won two Helen Plants Awards for the best non-traditional workshop presented at the Frontiers in Education Conference. In 2015, Ruth was inducted as a Fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education.

To see the latest research posted by Dr. Streveler, go to the NAMEPA Hot Topics page.