Hot Topic: A new model for thinking about … and talking about … engineering student support centers

Though engineering student support centers (ESSCs) have common goals, the methods ESSCs use to reach these goal and the ways they define “success” often varies.  This variability has sometimes made it difficult to think about ESSCs collectively and may have hampered the ability to communicate about results or engage in strategic planning. A common language[…]

Hot Topic: The Impact of Discrimination

For my first article, I have selected a recent neuroscience article that discusses the lasting, negative cumulative impact of discrimination on the body.  The researchers describe a concrete, physical mechanism that contributes to the poorer health often seen in communities of color. As the authors state in the article: “There’s a fair amount of research[…]

NAMEPA Hot Topics Blog Launches

Ruth A. Streveler is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Dr. Streveler is working with the NAMEPA leadership to bring research of interest to the NAMEPA community. Her primary research interests have been investigating students’ understanding of difficult concepts in engineering science, and helping engineering faculty conduct rigorous research[…]